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Norms and Rights, Love and Care: Why Care for Children? – A Conversation with Save the Children

“[Other than focusing only on policymaking and technical aspects of poverty reduction], we also need to create a powerful norm of care and compassion in society as a whole.”

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) have placed particular emphasis on alleviating extreme poverty. For the first time among global goals, child poverty is being specifically targeted and recognised. Universality is also acknowledged – no longer is child poverty a challenge of the Global South, but it is also present in relatively developed countries.

Say for Development had a conversation with Richard Morgan*, Director of Global Child Poverty Initiative at Save the Children, and Co-Chair of Global Coalition to End Child Poverty. With 30 years of ample experience working with children’s rights issues in both Save the Children and UNICEF, Richard shares his insights on addressing child poverty and the SDGs, how interventions around children’s rights have changed over the years, and most importantly, how to ensure that children receive love and affection.

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Understanding Social Protection: a Conversation with Stephen Devereux and Keetie Roelen

“We have reached a point where we now know that social protection is here to stay …and this provides a solid base to go forward.”

Social protection, despite being a relatively new term in development, has drawn a lot of attention, debates and discussions. Many governments, international organisations, donors and NGOs have adopted social protection into their policy agenda in recent years. The Centre for Social Protection at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), founded in 2005, is a global hub for developing cutting-edge thinking on social protection. Say for Development had the opportunity to have a conversation with two co-Directors of the Centre, Stephen Devereux* and Keetie Roelen*.