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Public Health


The challenges and lessons from Ebola crisis for zoonotic disease preparedness and Control

Yukyum Kim*


Ebola crisis in West Africa was one of the greatest health tragedies in modern times. This tragedy is partly attributed to the acuteness of the virus, but the lack of preparedness and inappropriate responses exacerbated the situation. This article explores the challenges shown during the Ebola crisis and finds lessons for better zoonotic disease preparedness and control. The greatest lesson is that the responses based on solely biomedical and epidemiological approaches are not enough to address the zoonotic disease epidemic. Rather, the underlying factors that affect systems, interventions, behaviours must be considered and addressed.


Dilemmas of Organ Transplantation in Global South: Critical Reflections and Contributions of Medical Anthropology Studies

Emre Yuksek*


Organ donation and transplantation as a method of medical treatment is a controversial public health policy. In this article, I focus on the political economy of transplant tourism and organ trafficking as it intersects with the views and positionality of multiple actors, and argue that an anthropological perspective can help to identify and to reframe racial and regional disparities inherent in these flows.