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Engaging Communities During Development Research: A Conversation with Dr. Ayobami Ojebode

“Researchers need to earn the right to be heard”

The Evidence and Lessons from Latin America (ELLA) Programme is a three-year long research project in which researchers from Latin America and Africa collaborate to conduct comparative research on issues currently on the agendas of policy actors in their countries. The current phase is a collaboration between 12 countries on 6 research topics ranging from Informality and Inclusive Growth to Domestic Violence. More information can be found here:

Say for Development spoke to Dr. Ayobami Ojebode, the leader of the research team from Ibadan University, Nigeria. His team collaborated with a team from El Salvador on community based crime prevention, focusing on how communities work together to fill the gap of inadequate security provided by the state in Nigeria. The Ibadan University research team actively collaborated with key stakeholders (including the police force) throughout the research process. Say for Development spoke to Ayobami to understand what development practitioners can learn from his team’s experience with involving key stakeholders in the research process.


Food Culture in Guatemala

Simone Riddle*

(Dedicated to the women of AMA)

This article explores my reflections on food culture in Guatemala following an action research inquiry into food sharing and storytelling working with the Asociación de mujeres del Altiplano (AMA) between May and August 2016. I argue that Mayan food culture reflects the wider principles of Mayan cosmovision and propose that these principles could provide a guide to leading a more ethical, fulfilled and balanced life.